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Appointment Day

On the appointment day, you will be greeted by the examiner's office staff members. They are aware of your visit, and will have your pertinent paperwork and medical records, if necessary. Please provide your name and let them know you are present for your appointment. Your appointment wait and duration is dependent on the exam and specialty type.
If you need assistance, please let the office staff know upon your arrival, and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Examination Cost 

All QTC examinations and diagnostic tests are paid for by the referring agency. You should not be asked to provide payment or your private insurance information. In the event you are asked for payment, please request the office staff to contact QTC immediately.
If you mistakenly receive a bill, please contact QTC and we will instruct the examiner to direct all billing questions or concerns to us.

What to Bring 

Medical History Questionnaire

Most agencies require examinees to complete a medical history questionnaire as part of the examination process. This helps gather pertinent medical history as well as other important information. If this form is required, it will be included with your appointment notification package. To ensure expedited processing on your appointment day, please bring your completed questionnaire with you to the examiner's office.

Medical Records

Unless requested by the referring agency, you do not need to bring your medical records as the agency has already provided the pertinent medical records for the examiner to review.

What to Expect

Your appointment with a QTC examiner will be very different from visiting your primary-care provider. The goal of your primary-care provider is to treat your condition(s) and maintain your overall health; whereas the QTC examiner's goal is to gather the medical evidence required by your referring agency.
The QTC examiner is following strict instructions from your referring agency to ensure that all benefit/employment determination requirements are met. Because the QTC examiner is not treating your condition(s), his or her approach may seem different than the approach taken by your primary-care provider.

Helpful Tips 

Be On Time

It is very important you report on time for your examination.. The report from this examination, together with your medical records and other pertinent information, is used by the referring agency to make a benefit/employment determination.

Communicate Clearly

The examiner is there to provide you with the most thorough examination possible. If you have questions or concerns, please communicate them to your examiner.

Follow Instructions

If your requesting agency requires a specific examination or test, it is a measurement that is required for the purpose of making a benefit/employment determination.
By following the direction of your examiner, you are helping ensure that your medical evidence file is complete. If, for some reason, you decline a particular test or examination, you may incur delays or suspension of benefits you may be receiving. You may also be required to return at a later date to complete the determination requirements.

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