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QTC Partners with DocuSign



QTC is proud to announce the release of our Electronic Signature feature for our providers utilizing the industry leading DocuSign Electronic Signature engine.  QTC’s new application integration with DocuSign makes it easier, faster, and more secure to sign your documents – anytime, anywhere, from any device.  This is our first release and we are looking forward to introducing new features throughout the year. This new functionality will allow you to electronically sign reports and addendums eliminating the current method of having to print and fax.  The new feature will further help to streamline our process, provide improved timeliness and flexibility to better serve our nation’s heroes.


  1. Signers are alerted by email to sign.
    You or your signer receives an email with a message requesting to sign online with DocuSign. Click the link in the email to open the document for review. Signers do not need a DocuSign account to sign. The document is not sent as an attachment. Instead, it stays secure in DocuSign. When your signer clicks the button, your document with the "Sign Here" tabs will appear in a browser.
  1. Signers are guided through the process to sign.
    DocuSign guides the signer from tab to tab where a signature, initial or other information is needed. The signer clicks the tabs to place their signature in the document. If the signer hasn't yet created a signature, DocuSign guides them through that quick and easy process, too!
Adopt your Signature  


  1. Confirm signing.
    Once signers have completed all form fields, initialed and signed in all required places, DocuSign asks signers to confirm signing as the final step. Once signers click "Confirm Signing," they're done!
Confirm your Signature  

Print instruction (PDF)
Creating a DocuSign Account

How to Create a Pen and Paper Signature in DocuSign



Quick Start Guides

Receiving A Document for Guided Signing
DocuSign for iPhone / iPad
Using the Sign on Paper Feature



Signing from your iPad

Signing on Paper

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If you need support, please contact QTC Software Support at (888) 491-5021 or for general questions, please email us at providerhelp2@qtcm.com

To withdraw your consent with QTC Management, Inc. (Opt-Out) please send an email to providerhelp2@qtcm.com include your e-mail, full name, Provider ID, and telephone number.

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