QTC joins TIPAAA to expand medical network for Military Service Veterans

QTC joins TIPAAA to expand medical network for Military Service Veterans

Physicians needed to reduce backlog for veteran claims

By:  Lisa Peters

QTC has joined The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) to expand QTC’s network of providers conducting Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) compensation and pension (C&P) examinations.  C&P examinations are one-time medical exams that require no medical treatment and help hundreds of thousands of veterans receive compensation for disabilities attributed to military service.

QTC Management Inc., is a subsidiary of federal contractor Leidos Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: LDOS), and is the largest provider of medical examination services for the Federal Government, including the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Defense, and other federal, state, and local government agencies. QTC has more than 38 years of experience delivering high-quality, technology-driven exam solutions for our veterans and active military personnel, and pioneered an industry workflow and information technology platform to automate and expedite exam administration for the federal government.

QTC welcomes contracting with physicians and clinicians of various medical specialties and sub-specialties to complete medical evaluations. The most common specialties include:

  • Audiology
  • General Medicine (M.D., P.A., or N.P)
  • Psychiatry/Psychology (M.D. or P.H.D)
  • Ophthalmology/Optometry

“TIPAAA continues to identify and attract new revenue-producing opportunities to help our members rebound and grow their practice during these challenging times. It’s a welcomed business opportunity for QTC to refer their veteran claimants to our clinicians for medical evaluation,” said Al Holloway, Founder and President of TIPAAA, the leading trade association serving Independent/Integrated Physician Associations (IPAs/Affiliates) across the country.

“This QTC opportunity is a potential new revenue source that could create a new line of business for medical practices or one that could fill in gaps in your schedule, bring back staff on furlough due to COVID-19, or create new jobs for licensed physician assistants and nurse practitioners, who also are authorized to perform these evaluations. This could represent tens to hundreds of exams per month for medical practices depending on local geography and referral volume.  COVID-19 has been particularly tough on medical practices, but working with QTC has the potential to help many physicians discover a new revenue source to help plug holes in their account receivables, added Steve Arcara, Associate Director of Provider Management at QTC.”

COVID-19 effect on Veteran Examinations

In April 2020, the Department of Veteran Affairs suspended in-person C&P examinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This suspension of in-person examination lasted for approximately 2-months, during which time referrals for veteran appointments continued to accumulate.  The 2-month shut down of face-to-face medical exams caused by the COVID-19 pandemic created a mounting backlog of military exams for QTC’s operation, and has resulted in the need for adding hundreds of physicians and clinicians to its network in a short period of time across General Medicine, Audiology and Mental Health specialties, to help reduce examination backlog. “We need additional high-quality physicians, specialists, and clinicians to help manage the backflow of exam requests created by temporary pause in face to face exams and we’re committed to rapidly expanding our network in order to accelerate weekly and monthly volume of exams, in order to reduce appointment waiting time for our veterans,” said Mike Sahag, Vice President of Provider Management at QTC Management Inc.

How it works

QTC contracts directly with your medical practice to conduct examinations on a per-exam fee basis.  Once under contract, QTC will work with your medical practices to reserve schedule availability for designated providers to conduct QTC C&P exams.  QTC receives referrals from the Department of Veteran Affairs and refers the veterans directly your medical practice based on the reserved schedule availability. Your designated providers conduct the medical evaluation, and completes QTC’s online report. QTC then checks the report for quality and submits the report to the Veterans Administration and promptly compensates your organization.

Key benefits to physicians and clinicians that affiliate with QTC

  • Your medical practice can expand its current business through a new and continuous referral source. Depending on geographic region, this could be tens to hundreds of exams per month.
  • QTC refers the claimant directly to the medical practice, specialist, or clinician for scheduling.
  • QTC is the payer of the C&P exams and directly pays the physician/clinician completing the assessment through an efficient guaranteed payment delivery.
  • No medical treatment required because you are performing a one-time medical evaluation.
  • QTC utilizes the physician’s diagnostic services
  • A licensed M.D., D.O., Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant is eligible to complete these general medicine exams.

How to Partner with QTC

To partner with QTC to perform a patriotic medical service for the benefit of military veterans, contact Steven Arcara, Associate Director of Provider Networks, QTC Management Inc, at steven.t.arcara@qtcm.com or by cell at 909.407.0527.

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