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We’re partnering with the Department of Defense to manage the scheduling services for the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP-3).

Please request services at:

Call: 1 (833) QTC-RHRP (833-782-7477)
Email: rhrpsupport@qtcm.com
Fax: 1 (877) 324-5621

Contact our RHRP Customer Service Agents:

Mon – Fri08:00 – 23:00 ET
Sat – Sun08:00 – 16:00 ET

Upcoming Service Component Portal Training Sessions

Join by clicking the Webex link at one of the designated times below.

DatePTCTETWebex Link
MON 2/268 AM10 AM11 AMJoin here
WED 2/2810 AM12 PM1 PMJoin here
TUES 3/51 PM3 PM4 PMJoin here
THUR 3/77 AM9 AM10 AMJoin here
MON 3/1112 PM2 PM3 PMJoin here

Military Readiness

We continue to honor and serve our nation’s heroes by extending our services to the RHRP-3. We will soon be providing health readiness services to the Service Components, which are composed of three areas: Reserve Components, Active Components in remote locations, and the Department of Defense/Service civilians. We will provide medical readiness services to meet the medical and dental standards and requirements essential in maintaining a deployable military force.

Components We Serve

  • Army National Guard
  • Army Reserve
  • Navy Reserve
  • Marine Corps Reserve
  • Air Force Reserve
  • U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Active-Duty TRICARE Prime Remote, Army
  • Active-Duty TRICARE Prime Remote, Marines
  • Active-Duty TRICARE Prime Remote, Navy
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM)

Service Delivery Modalities

QTC Clinic Staff and examinee

Health Services Available

  • Periodic Health Assessment (PHA)
  • Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA)
  • Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) services
  • Medical
  • Dental (including treatment)
  • Optometry

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