Independent Medical Examination / Case Management

We deliver best in class independent medical evaluation services and pro-active case management solutions to the Workers’ Compensation, Auto Liability and Disability markets.

Leidos QTC Health Services is the nation’s largest provider of medical, disability, and occupational health examinations.

We employ and partner with licensed board-certified physicians from all related specialties to ensure coverage for our customers nationwide. We employ more than 1,200 experienced clinical, operational and corporate associates. Leidos QTC Health Services performs over a half million examinations per year.

QTC Provider reading a Goniometer

Exam Services

We deliver a wide range of services to insurance companies, third-party administrators, employers, public and federal entities. We consult with each client to provide an optimal service plan, ensuring high-quality examinations.

We offer a variety of examination services:

  • Independent Medical Examination / IME
  • Peer and Medical Record Review
  • Functional Capacity Exams
  • Second Opinion

Lines of Business

DisabilityWorkers CompAutoLiability
DisabilityWorkers’ CompensationAutoLiability

Provider Network

  • Nationwide network of over 12,000 providers
  • 70+ Leidos QTC Health Services Medical clinics nationwide
  • Mobile medical clinics
  • Four geographically located call centers


Our industry leading technology allows us to exceed the expectations of our claimants, customers and providers, ensuring Quality, Timeliness and Customer service.