We Are the Nation’s Largest Provider of Health Exams

We create streamlined, customized programs for all your medical exam needs.

What We Do

We collaborate closely with government and non-government customers to address current and future program needs within the health services domain. We specialize in disability-focused medical examinations, independent medical exams and review services, occupational health services, diagnostic testing, and case management solutions.

As innovators, we focus on advancing technologies that improve service delivery, with a particular emphasis on enhancing accessibility for examinees in rural communities. With a proven track record of continuous improvement and steady growth, we now handle over 2 million appointments annually.

Nationwide Provider Network & Staff

We employ and partner with licensed board-certified physicians from all related specialties for our customers nationwide.

Our experienced clinical, operational, and corporate associates collaborate to provide quality and timely service every step of the way.

Government Health Services

We develop and implement optimal service plans for the government that ensure the highest of security standards to deliver quality, timely and unbiased examination services and reports.

  • Compensation & Pension (C&P) Exams
  • Pre/Post-Deployment Exams
  • Occupational Health Assessments
  • Mental Health Assessments

Independent Medical Evaluation Services

Formerly known as IMX Medical Management Services, we deliver best in class independent medical evaluation services and proactive case management solutions to the Workers' Compensation, Auto Liability, and Disability markets.

  • Evaluation Services
  • Review Services
  • Independent Review Services

Case Management Solutions

Formerly known as First Rehabilitation Resources (FRR), our experienced Nurse Case Managers and Vocational Counselors focus on expedited recovery and safe return-to-work.

  • Medical Case Management
  • Vocational Case Management
  • Specialty Services