40 Years of Leidos QTC Health Services

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Over the last 40 years, Leidos QTC Health Services has grown from a small medical center to more than 70 medical clinics nationwide, six mobile medical units, and administrative offices in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

We are the nation’s leading provider of medical, disability, and occupational health examinations.

Below is a timeline of some of our most important milestones.


1980s — When It All Began

1981 – Dr. Kay opened Kay’s Medical Evaluation Center (KMEC) in Whittier, California.

1982 – Inspired by our mission of providing Quality, Timely, and Customer-focused medical evaluations, we changed our named from KMEC to QTC.

1985 – We established our headquarters in Whittier, California.

1985 – QTC Management, Inc was officially founded.


1990s — Road to Expansion

1995 – We won our first federal contract award from the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Medical Record Review.

1997 – We opened our second administrative office in San Antonio, Texas.

1998 – Veterans Affairs (VA) tapped us to provide Compensation and Pension (C&P) exams to Veterans.


2010s — Finding a Home

2005 – Spectrum Equity acquired our company.

2011 – Lockheed Martin acquired our company.

2016 – We merged with Leidos in Lockheed Martin’s IT and services spinoff.

2018 – We moved our headquarters to San Dimas, California.

2018 – Our Mobile Medical Clinics hit the road and began providing services across the country.

2019 – Leidos acquired IMX Medical Management Services (IMX) and its affiliated businesses to operate under us.


2020s — New Territory

2020 – We opened a ninth new administrative office in Nashville, Tennessee.

2021 – We began working with Reserve Health Readiness Program, Secret Service, and FBI.

2024 – We aligned with our parent company and rebranded ourselves as Leidos QTC Health Services.



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