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4 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

    ❮ Back to Newsroom In this article: QTC Career Planning template  How to conduct a self-assessment  How to research different career pathways  How to decide which career pathway is right for you Are you looking to make a change in your career? We can help! In this article, we’re sharing four key tips from our […]

    QTC is Growing Fast: Are You Ready to Join Our Team?

      ❮ Back to Newsroom We recently hit a huge milestone: during our 40-year history, we’ve completed 12 million exams and diagnostics. That’s not just a number to us– those are people and families we’ve supported through their claims processes. We know that the stakes are high and that we need to be accurate and meticulous […]

      Rehire Spotlight: Q&A with RHRP Manager Jacqueline Golida

        ❮ Back to Newsroom Jacqueline Golida left QTC in April 2022 and returned in June 2023. Why did you leave QTC? Personal reasons. I worked as a Rapid Site Deployment Medical Assistant, and my husband was not happy with the traveling, so I chose to find a local position. Why did you return to QTC? […]

        Part-Time Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Racquel Bermudez

          ❮ Back to Newsroom HR Learning and Development Representative Racquel Bermudez joined QTC in May 2019. What is your title, and what do you do in your current position? My current role is HR Learning and Development Representative. I provide recommendations to programs/projects in line with employee retention, growth, and organization development. I help teams […]

          Make Your QTC Comeback: Our Rehire Process

            Have you considered returning to QTC? We talked to our Talent Acquisitions Operations and Process Lead Karen Lucero about the rehire process and what tips she has for former employees who want to come back. In this article, you’ll learn about: How to navigate our rehire process Interview and application tips for former employees QTC’s […]

            5 Benefits of Remote Work at QTC

              Did you know that 29% of QTC’s workforce is remote? We provide a unique work experience, where remote employees stay connected to their colleagues and company culture from the comfort of their homes. Our focus is on creating a remote work environment that’s both productive and comfortable. “The flexibility and autonomy allowed me to focus […]

              Rehire Spotlight: Q&A with Disability Evaluation Coordinator Ramona

                Ramona Zinnerman left QTC in July 2019 and returned in December 2022. Why did you leave QTC? I left at a time when the OM was in need of redirection and training. Unfortunately, she was not open to the assistance QTC offered. It began to affect my health and I had to choose between a […]

                Apply Now: Paid Student Internships

                  Start your career at QTC. We’re searching for emerging professionals to join Team QTC. This internship is for you if you want: A paid full-time or part-time internship. One-on-one mentorship. Projects that will challenge and enhance your skill set. A community of interns to network with. To support Veterans, active duty service members, and Reserve […]

                  A Company You Can Grow With: Our RHRP-3 Program

                    Welcome to our new series A Company You Can Grow With, where we’ll spotlight QTC’s most innovative projects. We’re growing faster than ever, and with that comes more opportunities to join our team. Our new contracts and initiatives are helping us reach more people, no matter where they are. We completed over 1.1 million appointments […]

                    Get A Fully Funded Degree While Working At QTC

                      Need education assistance? QTC has your back. We know that pursuing higher education is difficult, especially without support. So we’ve designed several programs to help you earn your degree while working. You can grow your skillset, attain credentials, and focus on your career development within the company. At QTC, we want our employees to be […]