Part-Time Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Racquel Bermudez

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HR Learning and Development Representative Racquel Bermudez joined Leidos QTC Health Services in May 2019.

What is your title, and what do you do in your current position?

My current role is HR Learning and Development Representative. I provide recommendations to programs/projects in line with employee retention, growth, and organization development. I help teams reach their goals by developing training programs and modules according to their needs. I also help manage Leidos QTC Health Services’ employee development programs such as LEAD (Leadership Enrichment and Development).

Why is part-time a good option for you?

I need to strictly attend regular health-related appointments, and being part-time allows me to do that while working at Leidos QTC Health Services.

What has your experience as a part-time employee been like so far?

It’s been great! I have been able to prioritize my work-life balance and establish better personal routines while being passionate about working as an HR Learning and Development Representative.

What Leidos QTC Health Services benefits and resources do you utilize?

I am able to utilize benefits such as medical/dental, paid time off, professional development programs, and EAP (employee assistance program).

What advice do you have for people who are considering part-time positions at Leidos QTC Health Services?

I would say to evaluate your current priorities and reflect on the goals important to you. Leidos QTC Health Services looks after the welfare and wellness of its employees and will support whatever path you take. Even if you’re part-time, the company empowers its employees to be the best that they can.


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