Leidos QTC Sponsors Riverside County Firefighters Fund

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On May 20, 2019, the Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund (RCPFBF) awarded us a Certificate of Appreciation for our contribution to local firefighters.

The RCPFBF nonprofit is a support fund for Riverside County firefighters, their families, and other community programs. Formed over 10 years ago, the fund uses 100% of the proceeds for direct monetary and basic needs assistance. If a firefighter develops an illness, the fund helps pay for treatment and family expenses. They support nonprofit organizations such as the Burn Institute and other groups who conduct cancer research.

“The RCPFBF is an emergency fund,” said Sponsorship Representative Mike Taylor. “In case anything happens, we provide emotional, physical and financial support for all Riverside County firefighters.”

In Riverside County, approximately 1,000 RCPFBF member firefighters work at 93 fire stations. They tackle urban and wildland fires and offer Emergency Services to one of the biggest counties in California. Every day, they receive as many as 454 emergency calls for any situation— from an elderly person falling down to wildfires blazing across a canyon.

Firefighters put themselves in harm’s way for a living—often sacrificing their own lives. In 2018, five Riverside firefighters passed away from illnesses and injuries. They work in stressful, hazardous conditions and can be exposed to chemicals, fumes, radioactive materials and asbestos. As a result, cancer and heart disease are leading illnesses for firefighters.

The RCPFBF funds treatment costs and monetary support to their families in times of need. They fill in the gaps left by insurance and even provide firefighters with low cost, early detection cancer evaluations.

Leidos QTC Health Services sponsored the RCPFBF because we know how high the stakes are. At the front lines of healthcare, we administer medical exams for Veterans and see the illnesses and injuries that service members sustain. 14% of our own employees served in the military.

The RCPFBF and Leidos QTC Health Services share a commitment to our community.

We are a proud sponsor.

Author: Savannah Muñoz

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