Ready, Set, Go: Leidos QTC Partners with Clients in Rural Areas

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In the small town of Alliance, Nebraska, the VA and Leidos QTC Health Services made an alliance of our own.

The VA found that 4.7 million Veterans live in rural America, and many live far distances from clinics and VA offices. This past June, the Lincoln VA Regional Office combated this issue by organizing a free Veterans Claims Clinic in the rural town of Alliance to offer disability claims services. When they called QTC to join them and provide quality medical exams, QTC’s Rapid Site Deployment (RSD) team quickly moved into action.

Our recently established RSD team prepares our Mobile Medical Clinic and drives out to rural or underserved areas. Led by Director of Business Operation Daniel Highland and Program Manager Vincent Iapichino, this team goes the distance to provide evaluative medical exams. First, they recruit general medical doctors, psychiatrists, audiologists, and x-ray technicians from our substantial provider network. Once they assemble a team, they drive Leidos QTC Health Services providers out to administer exams in our mobile clinic or other rented exam space. Whether it’s a small town or deep in the woods, our RSD team can operate anywhere.

“Reaching Veterans who live hundreds of miles away from brick and mortar clinics and even VA offices is so rewarding,” said Highland.

Over 8,300 people live in Alliance, a town known for its farms and ranches. The Alliance Knight Museum, a community favorite, tells the tale of their town through Native American artifacts, pioneer memorabilia, and railroad history. But on June 12, 49 Veterans from all over Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming arrived at the museum for something not normally offered: medical exams.

During the week prior, the VA aired public service announcements on radio and news stations across the Midwest and passed out flyers about the claims clinic. They let Veterans know that the VA and Leidos QTC Health Services will be at the Museum to help Veterans file their disability claims and complete their C&P (Compensation and Pension) exams. An appointment wasn’t needed—any area Veteran could walk in.

According to the VA, traditional claims can take an average of 100 days to process and receive a Rating Decision, but claims clinics trim those 100 days into approximately two weeks. A Veteran who attends a claims clinic will spend about four hours in processing before submitting a claim, where we rise to the occasion by providing timely medical exams on the spot.

Before the clinic event began, the VA and our RSD team prepped their stations to meet and greet Veterans in the early hours of the morning. The Mobile Medical Clinic rolled into place and parked in front of the museum. Set up curbside, it was only steps away from the entrance. Inside the museum, the VA managed their registration and processing booths in the lobby. Our RSD team built our own “command center” near the actual museum displays and helped Veterans navigate their medical exam processes.

Every part of the museum was utilized, from the street curb to the basement. Providers conducted medical exams in the mobile clinic, where Veterans had their x-rays completed as well as other diagnostic services. Additional exam areas were set up in the basement, a spacious area ideal for privacy. Our RSD team escorted Veterans to their exams and ensured each Veteran was given quality, customer-focused service.

“To be able to go into a small community and help Veterans with their claims, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, is truly remarkable,” said Iapichino.

As one Veteran stated, “I appreciate their professionalism and concern for my well-being.”

Author: Savannah Muñoz

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