Vet Girls Rock at Leidos QTC Health Services

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In honor of National Vet Girls Rock Day on February 19, we’re highlighting some of our company’s women Veterans.

There are more than 2 million women Veterans in the United States. Women are the fastest-growing subpopulation among Veterans but continue to face substantial gender barriers, such as not receiving proper support or recognition. The Service Women’s Action Network found that in 2016, 74 percent of servicewomen and women Veterans do not believe their service is recognized and valued among the general public.

Despite the challenges, approximately 18,000 women are expected to join the military every year over the next decade.

Leidos QTC Health Services is grateful to work alongside these Veterans, and we respect all they sacrificed for our country.

We asked them: what advice do you have for other women Veterans? 

Woman in U.S. army uniform smilesRobin Turner Lewis

Military branch: U.S. Army

“Remain confident in your skills and abilities. Stay true to your personal mission and help other Veterans.”


Woman in U.S. Army uniform and hat smilesCoretta Holliday

Military branch: U.S. Army

“Keep your head up and never let them see you sweat.”


Woman in army camo uniform smiles Brittany Fogt

Military branch: U.S. Army

Always stay strong and keep your head held high. We can do anything and everything we put our minds to. There is never any mountain too high that we can’t climb.


Black and white photo of woman in uniform and glassesMichelle Little

Military Branch: U.S. Navy

“I served at a time when there weren’t a lot of women on Navy ships, and we were limited on where we could serve. There weren’t many of us, and it was hard work.

Be proud of your service, whatever your rate/rank.  One job isn’t any less important than another.  We all did our part to serve our country.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something or be something you want. You can do great things and are stronger than you think!”


Woman in glasses and military uniformDeborah Collins

Military branch: U.S. Army

“Hold your head up high and be proud that you served in the military.  There are benefits out there for Veterans that we sometimes don’t realize we are eligible for. Speak with other Veterans and see what they might be.”


Woman in military uniform Sergeant Estefana Hampton, daughter of Leidos QTC Health Services employee Louie C. Cisneros

Military Branch: U.S. Marine Corps

“My advice to parents of women Veterans is to always support them in everything they do. Let them know that you are always there for them no matter what happens. Show them you are proud of them for their service to this great nation.

Advise them to use all the benefits the VA has to offer. Be a role model and encourage them to be one as well. Always stay positive, no matter what the day throws at you.”


Scheri Garrett

Military branch: U.S. Navy

“Network and stay dialed-in with other Veterans, active members, and spouses. Continue to build and maintain that community, while simultaneously constructing a civilian community.”


Kailey Roller

Military branch: U.S. Army

“Always cherish the friendships you made during service.”


Woman in uniform stands on grassDarinda Carroll

Military branch: U.S. Air force

“Be proud of what you have accomplished and always support one another. Take all of those experiences from the military to help you navigate the world— everything you do adds value to you, so do it well and with passion!”


Woman in uniform and hatJewel Myhand

Military branch: U.S. Army

“When facing adversity, remember you served in the military!  A lot of people are not built to serve.”


Woman in uniform holds little girl in pink dressAndrea Andrews

Military branch: U.S. Air Force

“Never doubt the skillsets you learned while serving. Those skills make you a valuable and desirable asset in the workforce.”


Woman in uniform and glasses smilesRebecca Casillas

Military branch: U.S. Army

“Take care of yourself so that you can care for others.”


woman in uniformEster Ardi

Military branch: U.S. Army

“Do not let anyone discourage you from doing your best or be afraid to stand up for yourself. We are here for each other.”

If you’d like to explore resources or know a woman Veteran seeking opportunities, please visit the Center for Women Veterans.

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