5 Benefits of Returning to a Former Employer

Are you considering returning to a former employer? Leidos QTC Health Services Recruiter Akia Moore tells us five benefits that rehires can expect when they go back to a company.

1.) Promotion & Quicker Advancement 

Can you say “upgrade”? Rehires have the potential to obtain a better position (of a higher level and/or title), a higher salary, or both! On the other hand, rehires have the advantage of speedier growth and/or promotability, and here’s why: a rehire is already acclimated to the business, operations, and applications/systems of the company. They’d also return with a new and fresh perspective to help the company improve and advance.

2.) Familiarity & Confidence 

A rehire will return to a former company with the experience and knowledge for their position. They’ll be ahead of the curve and fully trained, with an established understanding of the company mission, operating systems, and overall business protocols and procedures. 

3.) Trustworthy Leadership 

How often can an employee choose their manager? It’s safe to say never. A rehire may return to a company to work under a director or manager whose leadership they respect. Impressive leadership goes a long way. In such a competitive world where so many are on the fast track to “moving up the ladder”, we aren’t always paired with leaders we are truly congruent with. Compatible and supportive leadership is imperative to a flourishing career, and more importantly, a gratifying work environment.

4.) Appreciation & Value

With a job-to-candidate ratio of 66% to 28%, employers aren’t hard-pressed to rehire– it’s truly a candidate market. So if you resigned from a company and then rehired (or considering), that in and of itself says you are of value! Organizations are beginning to realize just how impactful acts of appreciation are as they show more recognition. 

Simply put: an employee will never forget feeling valued. It’s what all employees seek. Returning employees may feel an amplified sense of visibility and “My voice matters, and my opinions will be heard.”

5.) Friendships/Relationships 

Former employees have the benefit of walking in the door with already established connections and a level of support. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone and being able to continue working with people you enjoy. In fact, a reason people most often return to a company is because a former colleague (that is still with the company) informed them of an opportunity; roughly 45% of rehires are referrals. The referring colleague will be able to provide a recommendation on behalf of the aspiring rehire. 

Leidos QTC Health Services Recruiter Akia Moore has worked as a recruiter for over 12 years. She specializes in executive level finance and accounting and healthcare. 


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