Rehire Spotlight: Q&A with Case Manager Arline Padilla

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Arline Padilla left Leidos QTC Health Services in July 2021 and returned in October 2023.

Why did you leave Leidos QTC Health Services?

I left because at the time, I was having family issues. I needed to take a step back from work and help my father.

Why did you return to Leidos QTC Health Services?

I was finally in a spot where nothing was holding me back and I can come back to a job I loved so much before. In my role, I talked to Veterans every day, and I really missed connecting with them. I also missed our team environment and incentives. They always pushed me to do better and improve my skills.

Additionally, the medical benefits are really good— I was able to see all the specialists I needed.

What is it about Leidos QTC Health Services that drew you back?

The company work environment is always pleasant for me, and I love the impact we have on helping Veterans. We have supportive team meetings and are always being encouraged by our management to do the best we can.

Even though I left for a few years, I still had my connections and friendships here, so I was excited to work with them again.

My position is also remote, which gives me more time to spend with my family, especially my niece. Now I can avoid traffic and save on gas. I’m also a homebody and introverted, so I’m happy I get to work from my home office.

What do you do in your current position?

I schedule appointments for claimants and submit any requests needed in order to get to the point of scheduling. In my position, communication is everything, and it’s my goal to be as helpful as possible. I work with their schedules and locations to make sure their appointments are timely.

A lot of Veterans struggle with mental health, and I personally come from a family that struggles with that as well. I know how much of a toll that takes. Even scheduling appointments can be difficult. But I get to do all of that for them. It’s my own way of being able to give back.

What advice do you have for former employees who are considering returning to Leidos QTC Health Services?

Come back! I was a little scared coming back because I thought so much changed, but I have been able to pick it all back up easily.

You do have to go through all the training again, but luckily for me, some of my trainings were still credited. I also had a mentor who went over the process again and helped me get acclimated. From there, I picked everything back up and started as if I had never left!


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