Make Your QTC Comeback: Our Rehire Process

Have you considered returning to QTC? We talked to our Talent Acquisitions Operations and Process Lead Karen Lucero about the rehire process and what tips she has for former employees who want to come back.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • How to navigate our rehire process
  • Interview and application tips for former employees
  • QTC’s incentives to return

How to navigate our rehire process 

1.) Apply to a position on the QTC Career site.

Be sure to include your former QTC work experience on your resume/application. If you’re selected for consideration and talk to a recruiter, reiterate that you’re a former QTC employee and share your current goals and reasons for wanting to return.

2.) If you’re selected for a formal interview, understand that a formal HR record check will occur.  

This is part of our normal process and is done with all potential rehires.

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Interview and application tips for former employees

What advice do you have for former employees who want to return?

Carefully consider your goals and desires, and be thoughtful regarding what kind of role, company, and culture will best suit you. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what you want professionally and what you need personally.

Then you should prepare to have conversations on these questions:

  • Why did you choose to leave QTC?
  • What has inspired you to return?
  • What roles interest you most?
  • What skills have you gained since leaving, and how will you apply them to a new position here?

Is there anything they should mention about their past work (both at QTC and at other companies) in their interviews? 

Be authentic, honest, and positive. Remain as objective as possible while thoroughly answering questions regarding all past employment.

Should they reach out to their former QTC managers or coworkers? 

If you’ve maintained relationships with former QTC managers and/or coworkers, there should be no issue in reaching out to them. You can express your interest in returning and potentially gain insight into company changes or new programs or roles that might fit you well.

Alumni Resources

QTC’s incentives to return

Black woman wearing a headset smiles as she looks at her laptop screenPart-Time Opportunities. Are you interested in a side position to make extra money? We’re offering a variety of positions for 20 hours or less a week. You’d still receive many benefits of a full-time employee, such as medical and dental plans.

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Group of people wearing graduate regalia throw their graduation caps in the air

Education Funding. We know that pursuing higher education is difficult, especially without support. So we’ve designed several programs to help you earn your degree while working.

View Education Benefits

Woman writes on clipboard as she talks to a man

Comprehensive Medical and Dental Care Plans. A healthy mind and body require regular maintenance and attention, which is why we offer a variety of plans.

View QTC Benefits

Woman works out at a gymQTC Life. We designed this initiative to connect employees with resources for both personal well-being and career development. This includes a fitness reimbursement program, creating your own career plan, mentorship, and more.

Black man wearing glasses hugs a toddlerPaid Parental Leave. Supporting our employees’ growing families is a huge part of our culture, so we provide four work weeks of Paid Parental Leave to new parents, regardless of their gender.


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About Karen Lucero

Talent Acquisition Operations and Process Lead Karen Lucero has 23 years of experience in recruiting and talent acquisition process and backend operations.

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