5 Benefits of Remote Work at Leidos QTC Health Services

Did you know that 29% of Leidos QTC Health Services’ workforce is remote?

We provide a unique work experience, where remote employees stay connected to their colleagues and company culture from the comfort of their homes. Our focus is on creating a remote work environment that’s both productive and comfortable.

“The flexibility and autonomy allowed me to focus more on my health and wellness,” Project Manager Christine Natividad said. “I’m less stressed and overall just happier, engaged and fulfilled– while being more productive.”

And no matter where our remote employees are, they’re still part of the Leidos QTC Health Services community.

Here are five benefits of remote work at Leidos QTC Health Services.

Asian woman wearing headset and typing on keyboard1.) Your commute is your choice.

Our remote employees have access to the same resources as our in-person staff. You can attend virtual networking events, workshops, trainings, and more.

On top of that, many employees still have the option of coming into the office to work or attend in-person celebrations. We strive to create a connected and inclusive workplace, where everyone has access to the same tools.

Chest of a man wearing suit and pointing at a graphic of the world's countries2.) We support your productivity.

Working from home (without a commute) can help you keep your focus. A 2020 Nitro study found that remote employees reported feeling just as productive and less stressed.

Here’s how we support your productivity:

Virtual meetings. Meet with your team every week and update each other on your projects. These are great opportunities to collaborate.

Check-ins with your managers. Connect with your manager and let them know about your progress and any challenges you’re having. We’re here to support each other.

Our weekly newsletter. Get company news and opportunities in your inbox. You can even send in your own story about a Leidos QTC-related topic or personal life success.

We want everyone to feel part of Leidos QTC Health Services’ company culture, so we provide these opportunities to get to know each other and grow.

Man with headset smiling as he looks at his laptop screen3.) You can focus on your career development from home.

We believe in helping you grow your skillset no matter where you work. We want to hone our employees’ talents and encourage growth inside of Leidos QTC Health Services.

Here’s a taste of our career development programs:

Mentorship. Get paired with a mentor who can guide your career journey. They can give career advice and help you network.

Leidos QTC Health Services Career Plans. Work with your manager on your own Leidos QTC Health Services Career Plan. We designed it for QTC employees to figure out your goals and aspirations.

Virtual leadership programs. Join a program where you can network and participate in career development workshops. These are fully-funded by Leidos QTC Health Services.

Black woman sitting and typing on her laptop4.) We offer free mental health support programs.

Leidos QTC Health Services cares about your well-being. We know that when employees can access mental health support, they can manage stress and anxiety easier.

“Working from home has contributed to my quality of work and life,” Marketing Coordinator Katherine Ramirez said. “I can make a healthy meal, go to the gym, work out and be back at my desk in under an hour on my lunch break. It makes me feel so energized and positive.”

Each of these programs are confidential and private:

Digital coaching program. Connect with a trained Health Coach in this 4-week digital program. They help you develop the skills you need for work-life balance and support your wellness journey.

Employee Assistance Program. Get the support you need when life throws you curve balls. From 24/7 phone call counseling to legal and financial resources, this program has a variety of resources.

Headspace subscription. Get unlimited access to mindfulness activities, such as breathing exercises and meditations. We chose Headspace because it’s science-driven and easy to use on your smartphone any time, any place.

Little girl holding American flag with a man and woman wearing military outfits5.) You can help Veterans and Service Members across the nation.

At Leidos QTC Health Services, many of our examinees are Veterans and active-duty Service Members. We provide them with examinations as they transition to civilian life or prepare for deployment. They often face unique challenges, such as physical and mental health issues.

Working here gives you the opportunity to give back to those who sacrificed so much for our country. Whether it’s by meeting Veterans at our clinics or creating technology for them to use, you can contribute to improving their lives.

At Leidos QTC Health Services, you can make a positive impact while growing professionally and personally.

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