5 Most In-Demand Healthcare Careers and How to Apply

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The U.S. healthcare industry is growing, and it’s growing fast.

Healthcare and social assistance sectors are projected to create 45% (nearly half) of all the new jobs in the U.S. by 2032, as reported by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

What sets Leidos QTC Health Services apart from all the companies seeking healthcare workers?

  • We offer comprehensive benefits, including healthcare plans, retirement plans, education funding, student debt repayment assistance, and more.
  • We help develop your leadership and networking skills through mentorship and leadership programs.
  • We support our Veterans and service members, assisting them through pre and post-deployment.

With all of that in mind, right now is a great time to apply to our team. We’re expanding our services across the country and need talented individuals to join our mission.

Check out five of our most critically-needed careers below and find your place with us.

1. Medical QA Specialist

Salary range: $19.95 – $24.15 per hour with increases after training period and potential quarterly bonuses

Work locations: Office or Hybrid (post-training program)

Our Medical QA Specialists are the behind-the-scenes protectors of accuracy. In this role, you will work closely with medical providers and the Veterans Administration to ensure the documentation process fulfills the three Cs: Clear, Consistent, and Completed.

Essentially, you will review documentation sent over from medical providers and ensure they have accurately completed the Disability Benefit Questionnaires. This role is critical because it’s one of the last stages in a Veteran’s case, who rely on this process for their benefits application.

How this role will boost your professional development:

  • Unlock your potential through mentorship with an assigned Leidos QTC mentor to support you through your Medical QA Specialist journey.
  • Increase your medical knowledge by reviewing medical documentation and reports.
  • Build strong relationships with medical professionals by working closely with a wide variety of medical professionals, including medical assistants, nurse practitioners, doctors, and more.

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2. Medical Case Specialist  

Salary range: $17.20 – $19.55 per hour

Work locations: Office & Remote

As a Medical Case Specialist working for our Veterans Affairs Operations department, you will play a crucial role in a Veteran’s exam process. You will be the go-to person to help them with tasks big and small—from determining the appropriate tests and specialists to scheduling their appointments.

This role is an opportunity for you to directly affect the lives of those who served our country.

How this role will boost your professional development:

  • Deepen your knowledge of medical terminology and workflows.
  • Collaborate with experienced professionals and build a strong network.
  • Advocate for America’s heroes by supporting Veterans and service members who rely on these appointments for disability benefits, pre and post-deployment, and more.

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3. Customer Call Center Representative

Salary ranges: Depends on level and experience

Note that all levels are eligible for quarterly bonuses.

  • Level 2 – 1-3 years of experience; $17.34 per hour
  • Level 3 – 3-5 years of experience; $18.87 per hour

Work locations: Office or Remote

Our Customer Call Center Representatives are the first point of contact for our examinees, who are typically Veterans and service members. You will answer, process, and document calls in the most efficient manner possible—all while providing excellent service!

In this role, you will ensure our examinees have a smooth experience at Leidos QTC, from scheduling appointments to updating their information in our systems. You can help make a difference in the lives of Veterans and service members!

How this role will boost your professional development:

  • Hone your communication skills to connect with your team and fulfill your examinees’ needs.
  • Develop your leadership and decision-making abilities by assisting Veterans through the exam process.
  • Add new technology tools to your skillset by learning how to use One Notes, PRM, and other tools as necessary.

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4. Medical Assistants

Salary range: $17.20 – $33.39 per hour (spanning five levels). All levels are eligible for quarterly bonuses.

Work locations: Clinics

Do you want to connect with our military community in person? This is the perfect opportunity for Medical Assistants with a passion for America’s heroes. You will be the friendly face welcoming them to our clinics and ensuring that their Leidos QTC experience is smooth and positive.

You will perform routine procedures, assist with front office duties, complete administration functions, and more. As the person directly interacting with Veterans and service members, your calm demeanor can help them through a vulnerable time!

How this role will boost your professional development:

  • Hone your care skills by providing compassionate care to examinees with complex cases.
  • Support America’s heroes through their exam process, which can be overwhelming and high stakes for some examinees.
  • Sharpen your clinical knowledge by collaborating with our community of medical professionals.

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5. Mid-Level Providers

Salary ranges:

  • Physician Assistants: $120,000 – $160,000 per year, with bonus potential up to 30%.
  • Nurse Practitioners: $110,000 – 160,000 per year, with bonus potential up to 30%.

Work locations: Clinics or Travel

Our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are central to the exam process. You will conduct a variety of general medicine, occupational, and disability health exams for Veterans and service members. Based off your findings, you will create reports that we send over to Veterans Affairs.

This is your chance to be a healthcare hero! Your compassion can make a lasting impact on examinees navigating a challenging exam process.

How this role will boost your professional development:

  • Join the Leidos QTC Provider Network to connect with a community of thousands of providers.
  • Set your own weekly schedule and choose to work part-time or full-time.
  • Help our military community through the exam process by providing compassionate care.

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