Rehire Spotlight: Q&A with Provider Caroll McBrine, M.D.

Caroll Mcbrine, M.D., left Leidos QTC Health Services in April 2019 and returned in December 2022. 

Why did you leave Leidos QTC Health Services?

I was well past retirement age (I had in fact retired from other jobs a couple of times before) and, urged on by my (adult) children, planned to finally relax and do things I never had time for over the years.

Why did you return to Leidos QTC Health Services?

I missed having purposeful activity and felt I was still able to contribute more based on my over 40 years of broad experience addressing Veterans’ issues. I didn’t find that the free time I had was being used in fruitful activities (like reading all the great books I’ve always wanted to read) and those activities (essentially always at home because of the pandemic), while pleasant, weren’t really satisfying. I wanted to be useful.

What is it about Leidos QTC Health Services that drew you back?

The opportunity to once again help veterans by engaging in interesting and challenging undertakings. I had enjoyed my time before with Leidos QTC Health Services and found it to be a wonderful organization with really great people.

Being able to work remotely is a big plus. In addition, I work half time, so I still have time for my other interests.

What do you do in your current position?

I am on the quality compliance staff as a senior quality analyst. As a physician, I consult on certain medical issues that arise as part of our work. This involves varying tasks in an ever-evolving environment.

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