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5 Benefits of Remote Work at Leidos QTC Health Services

    Did you know that 29% of Leidos QTC Health Services’ workforce is remote? We provide a unique work experience, where remote employees stay connected to their colleagues and company culture from the comfort of their homes. Our focus is on creating a remote work environment that’s both productive and comfortable. “The flexibility and autonomy allowed […]

    Rehire Spotlight: Q&A with Disability Evaluation Coordinator Ramona

      Ramona Zinnerman left Leidos QTC Health Services in July 2019 and returned in December 2022. Why did you leave Leidos QTC Health Services? I left at a time when the OM was in need of redirection and training. Unfortunately, she was not open to the assistance Leidos QTC Health Services offered. It began to affect […]

      Apply Now: Paid Student Internships at Leidos QTC

        Start your career at Leidos QTC Health Services. We’re searching for emerging professionals to join Team Leidos QTC Health Services. This internship is for you if you want: A paid full-time or part-time internship. One-on-one mentorship. Projects that will challenge and enhance your skill set. A community of interns to network with. To support Veterans, […]

        A Company You Can Grow With: Our RHRP-3 Program

          Welcome to our series A Company You Can Grow With, where we’ll spotlight Leidos QTC Health Services’ most innovative projects. We’re growing faster than ever, and with that comes more opportunities to join our team. Our new contracts and initiatives are helping us reach more people, no matter where they are. We completed over 1.1 […]

          Get A Fully Funded Degree While Working At Leidos QTC

            Need education assistance? Leidos QTC Health Services has your back. We know that pursuing higher education is difficult, especially without support. So we’ve designed several programs to help you earn your degree while working. You can grow your skillset, attain credentials, and focus on your career development within the company. At Leidos QTC Health Services, […]

            Rehire Spotlight: Q&A with Provider Caroll McBrine, M.D.

              Caroll Mcbrine, M.D., left Leidos QTC Health Services in April 2019 and returned in December 2022.  Why did you leave Leidos QTC Health Services? I was well past retirement age (I had in fact retired from other jobs a couple of times before) and, urged on by my (adult) children, planned to finally relax and […]

              Career Opportunities for RHRP-3

                To view our open job opportunities on the RHRP-3, click below. RHRP-3 Career Opportunities We are hiring for a variety of skills sets, to include (but not limited to): Operations Managers and Supervisors Medical Customer Service Agents Quality Auditors Administrative Coordinators Warehouse Techs and Supervisors Network and Equipment Supervisors Event Managers Billing Analysts Military Benefits […]

                Rehire Spotlight: Q&A with Medical Assistant Danielle Bryant

                  Danielle Bryant left Leidos QTC Health Services in March 2022 and returned in August 2022.  Why did you leave Leidos QTC Health Services? I was offered the opportunity to open and manage a sleep center. I took it to get experience and start a career in management.  Why did you return to Leidos QTC Health […]

                  5 Benefits of Returning to a Former Employer

                    Are you considering returning to a former employer? Leidos QTC Health Services Recruiter Akia Moore tells us five benefits that rehires can expect when they go back to a company. 1.) Promotion & Quicker Advancement  Can you say “upgrade”? Rehires have the potential to obtain a better position (of a higher level and/or title), a […]

                    Celebrating 6 years of STEM Mentorship at CSULA

                      ❮ Back to Newsroom Since 2013, Leidos QTC Health Services has partnered with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) for their Capstone Senior Design Projects. Each school year, we are matched with a student team and their own faculty advisor for a year-long technological project. Students collaborate […]