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Suquamish and Makah Tribes Host QTC’s Mobile Medical Clinic For Native Veterans

    ❮ Back to Media Last June, the Makah Indian Reservation and Port Madison Indian Reservation invited QTC to provide C&P exams in their Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) for Native Veterans. Over the past 40 years, QTC has performed medical exams for government agencies across the United States. They’re now averaging about nine hundred thousand exams […]

    Mary Lakis Reflects On Her Journey To QTC

      For nearly 30 years, Associate Director of Billing and Provider Payment Support Mary Lakis has carved her own place in the corporate healthcare industry. She’s worked in director positions for decades, from imaging diagnostic service Virtual Radiologic to health services nonprofit UCare. She’s seen the industry change from a place where diversity was an afterthought into one where it has become a standard many […]

      5 Black Leaders Who Revolutionized Healthcare

        Black History Month (BHM) calls upon our nation to honor the triumphs and struggles of Black leaders in creating a more just world. This year’s BHM theme is Black Health and Wellness. It highlights the legacy of Black figures who advanced crucial initiatives in all segments of health programs. From creating community clinics to protesting […]

        Meet 2 of QTC’s Legacy Employees

          ❮ Back to Media Legacy employees have worked at QTC for more than 20 years. Over the decades, they helped transform QTC into the leading provider of disability and occupational health examinations in the United States. Get to know who they are and why they stayed below. 1.) Cyndi Morrison (she/her) Title: Sr. Business Systems […]

          40 Years of QTC

            ❮ Back to Media Over the last 40 years, QTC grew from a small medical center to 70 medical clinics nationwide, six mobile medical units, and administrative offices in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. We are now the nation’s leading provider of medical, disability, and occupational health examinations. Below is a timeline of some of […]

            First QTC Employee Receives Leidos HERO Award

              ❮ Back to Media SAN DIMAS, CALIFORNIA— Last November, QTC’s parent company Leidos honored Senior Benefits Representative Brisa Lopez with a Health Employees Recognizing Others (HERO) award, making her the first QTC employee to receive it. Founded in the first quarter of 2021, the HERO Awards Committee votes upon three winners each quarter. Winners are […]

              QTC Medical Services Awarded Military Reserve Health Readiness Contract

                ❮ Back to Media QTC Medical Services Awarded Military Reserve Health Readiness Contract (RESTON, Va.) June 17, 2021 – QTC Medical Services, Inc. (QTC), a Leidos company (NYSE: LDOS), was awarded a new prime contract by the U.S. Army Contracting Command-New Jersey to provide commercial health services to all U.S. military reserve component forces. The […]

                QTC Awarded FBI Medical Exams Contract

                  ❮ Back to Media QTC Awarded FBI Medical Exams Contract (RESTON, Va.) May 27, 2021 – QTC Medical Services, Inc. (QTC), a Leidos (NYSE: LDOS) company, was recently awarded a new prime contract to provide fitness for duty medical exam services for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employees and career applicants. The indefinite delivery, indefinite […]

                  QTC Management to Establish Operations in Nashville, Tennessee

                    ❮ Back to Media QTC Management to Establish Operations in Nashville, Tennessee • QTC will invest $5 million to establish an operations center in Nashville • Company will create approximately 410 jobs in Davidson County • Subsidiary of Leidos Holdings, Inc. provides disability and occupational health exam services Source: TNECD Media (Nashville, Tenn.) June 16, […]